Robert A. Aird, Inc.

Building Enclosure Contractor

Spray Polyurethane Foam, Air Barrier, Troweled & Spray Acoustic Plaster, Plaster, Stucco, Stone and, Exterior Insulating Finish Systems

Employment Opportunities

We are always looking for the following employees:


  • Qualified EIFS (Exterior Insulating Finish System) Mechanics - an employee with experience in EIFS/Stucco.
  • Qualified Laborers - an employee who has had experience being a laborer in the construction industry.


Do you have what we are looking for? (Minimum Requirements to Apply)

  • Driver’s License (or valid government issued ID with photo), and Social Security Card

  • Must have own transportation.

  • Must be willing to work from scaffold, swings and ladders at heights.

  • Must wear or be able to acquire before hire, steel toe boots, jeans and appropriate shirt for the weather.

  • Must receive a hard hat, safety glasses, and safety vest from Aird Inc. office before showing up to job site unless Foreman or Super will be onsite to issue proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Contact Us:

Please feel free to contact us with any questions pertaining to employment with our company. Resumes can be emailed or faxed but please follow up with a phone call to be sure we received it.

We would also welcome the opportunity to speak with you

directly but please contact the office to set up a

date and time for an appointment.


Thank you for your interest in joining Aird, Inc.



Phone: 301-695-4966
Fax: 301-695-4977