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Plaster- New and Restoration

Plaster repairs and renovations include the repairs to gypsum plaster walls and cornices.  We install the plaster base coat and finish to a hard troweled, smooth surface, ready for paint.  Lath and beads are typically included. 

We also install new plaster including lath and beads.

In addition, we offer decorative venetian plaster finishes and plaster veneer finishes. 

See examples below of our plaster work and plaster restoration work. 




DC Court of Appeals:


In 2006, this historic building was in a state of disrepair.  It's once beautiful plaster walls had been damaged.

After a complete restoration of the building, our Plaster work restored the building to it's former glory.

A Completed Corridor in the DC Court of Appeals.

Click below to see a recommendation letter for the work completed at the DC Court of Appeals.